Friday, April 4, 2008

Long Time

Here I am again.. Saying that I will write, then not writing for months. I understand this is really just an exercise for myself anyway; however, this will be of great relief for my atrophying brain. So much has been going on lately. My home is for sale. That itself is not extraordinary, but the fact that is has shown over 30 times in 6 weeks is something to brag about. The no offer thing is at the other end, something to perhaps be embarrassed about. But I am told that this is a difficult market to sell your home in, even here in the midwest where the market is supposedly not suffering as greatly as other areas. Putting one's home on the market does allow you a closer look at humanity and its unique characteristics. For example, early on we had one gentleman look at our home not once, but twice. Hopes stirred, we were then told that he didn't even have his own home on the market, but liked ours. Would someone care to explain why he looked at it twice? There are pictures on the web to refresh his memory. This seems incredibly rude to the seller who must clean his house to impeccable standards, then vacate the property and find somewhere to take the family, generally at dinner hour. Did I mention that this seems rude? Then there was another buyer who wanted to see the home the last day of spring break. This of course being the day that I promised my family no showings so that we could start the week refreshed. Having been told that this was a second showing and that he was driving from a city 3 hours away specifically to make an offer on the home, I rousted the family and out we went. I waited all night and the next morning until I couldn't stand it anymore and phoned my realtor to see what was up. Apparently nothing was up. The wife had found another home on and they bought that one instead. Did I mention rude? There have been some good things to come from these debacles. My realtor now knows not to call until offer is in hand and I have stopped baking bread and cookies for potential buyers. I now only bake bread and cookies for my family. They seem to appreciate it a bit more. And I can clean my home at the drop of a hat. Now what to do with all of that free time?

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