Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crisis of Faith

Do you ever hear something, so kind of bad news and think "That's it. I can not take any more. God where are you?" Well, I had that kind of day. A friend called to tell me that she's currently going through a crisis situation and it was the straw that brought this camel to it's knees. I refuse to say that it broke my back, because in some deep part of me, I know that there's some faith there. But honestly, I really needed to hear some positive news. Every major thing that I've been praying about is at a standstill. It's hard to wait isn't it? Even as I write, I realize that I can not honestly say everything I'm praying about. And that's something isn't it? To understand that even when we are sunk so low in depression about things that we can not change, to still see God's work. Even if it's in little things like a free puppy or a person not reacting in a negative way. At some point while we are on our knees from the weight that we carry, we must make a choice. Do we choose to believe that we have a loving, caring God whom we can trust or are we going to go it on our own?

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