Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fuzzy Creatures

My family and I have a rabbit. I have had dogs and cats in the past, but never a rabbit. There is something so innocent about holding the small fuzzy thing. Who doesn't love a baby bunny? It makes you think of past holidays- Christmas Eves and Easter Mornings, and the anticipation that accompanies each one. Those cute little ears and those twitching whiskers that seem to say "Just wait. Something exciting is coming." What that exciting thing in my life may be, I have no idea. But the waiting isn't so bad if you're spending your time watching a rabbit. I never would have thought that they have their own little language. There are whole websites to tell you what your rabbit is saying to you. Ears forward means he is alert. Laid out on the floor means he is relaxed and feeling safe. My favorite is called a "binkie", when he jumps and twitches in the air. It is the sign of complete and utter happiness. It makes me think of how I convey my happiness to those around me. Am I expressing my happiness just to be free and run around? What exactly do others see when they see me? Obviously, I can't jump and twitch. Others may be tempted to think me crazier than they already do. I pray that they see a smile on my face and an interest in what they are saying. I hope that my own cares and concerns don't weigh me down so much that others don't see me do my own "binkie."

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